pub trait DittoMutDocument: DittoDocument {
    fn get_mut<V: MutableValue>(&mut self, path: &str) -> Result<V, DittoError>;
    fn set<V: Serialize>(&mut self, path: &str, val: V) -> Result<(), DittoError>;
    fn set_as_default<V: Serialize>(
        &mut self,
        path: &str,
        val: V
    ) -> Result<(), DittoError>; fn remove(&mut self, path: &str) -> Result<(), DittoError>; fn increment(&mut self, path: &str, amount: f64) -> Result<(), DittoError>; }

Required Methods

Returns the value at a given path in the mutable document The parameter V represents the type expected at the given path. Note however that other peers may have changed this type and deserialization may fail.

Assigns a some serializable value to the document at the given path and removes any other information present at that path If the path does not exist it will be created.

Sets the value at the provided path and marks it as the default, indicating other peers in the network are expected to overwrite it.

Remove the value from a document at a given path

Increment (+/-) a field previously transformed into a Counter by amount.