pub trait Identity: Sealed + Send + Sync {
    fn auth_client(&self) -> Arc<BoxedAuthClient>;
    fn authenticator(&self) -> Option<DittoAuthenticator>;
    fn make_listener(
        transports: Weak<RwLock<TransportSync>>
    ) -> Option<Arc<ValidityListener>>; fn is_web_valid(&self) -> bool; fn is_x509_valid(&self) -> bool; fn is_cloud_sync_enabled(&self) -> bool; fn auth_url(&self) -> Result<String, DittoError>; fn sync_url(&self) -> Result<String, DittoError>; fn requires_offline_only_license_token(&self) -> bool; fn site_id(&self) -> SiteId { ... } fn app_id(&self) -> AppId { ... } }

Required Methods

Returns a shared reference to the underlying AuthClient

Returns the underlying DittoAuthenticator if specified

Constructs a ValidityListener given a shared reference to the Ditto Transports

Returns if the current web auth token is valid

Returns if the configured x509 certificate is valid

Indicates if cloud sync should be enabled by default

Returns the configured URL for Auth

Returns the configured URL for websocket sync

Indicates whether the specific Identity type requires an offline only license token to be set.

Provided Methods

Returns the current SiteId identifying the Ditto peer

Returns the current AppId