Interface IdentitySharedKey

An identity with intermediate level of security where all users and devices are trusted and a single shared secret (key) between all peers satisfies the security requirements.

NOTE: This identity type is only supported for Node environments, using this to create a Ditto instance in the web browser will throw an exception.


  • IdentitySharedKey


appID: string

The app ID for the Ditto instance.

sharedKey: string

A base64 encoded DER representation of a private key, which is shared between devices for a single app.

siteID?: number | BigInt

The siteID needs to be an unsigned 64 bit integer >= 0, i.e. either a regular non-fractional number or a BigInt in the range between 0 and 2^64 - 1 (inclusive). If siteID is 0, Ditto will generate an appropriate site ID and persist it when needed. Default is 0.

type: "sharedKey"