Peer: {
    address: Address;
    connections: Connection[];
    deviceName: string;
    dittoSDKVersion?: string;
    isConnectedToDittoCloud: boolean;
    os?: string;

An instance of Ditto taking part in the Ditto mesh network.

Type declaration

  • address: Address

    Address to contact this peer via Ditto Bus, unique with a Ditto mesh network.

  • connections: Connection[]

    Currently active connections of the peer.

  • deviceName: string

    The human-readable device name of the peer. This defaults to the hostname but can be manually set by the application developer of the other peer. It is not necessarily unique.

  • Optional dittoSDKVersion?: string

    The Ditto SDK version the peer is running with, undefined if (yet) unknown.

  • isConnectedToDittoCloud: boolean

    Indicates whether the peer is connected to Ditto Cloud.

  • Optional os?: string

    The operating system the peer is running on, undefined if (yet) unknown.