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Interface IdentityOnlineWithAuthentication

Run Ditto in secure production mode, logging on to Ditto Cloud or an on-premises authentication server. User permissions are centrally managed. Sync will not work until a successful login has occurred.

The only required configuration is the application's UUID, which can be found on the Ditto portal where the app is registered.

By default cloud sync is enabled. This means the SDK will sync to a Big Peer in Ditto's cloud when an internet connection is available. This is controlled by the enableCloudSync parameter. If true (default), a suitable wss:// URL will be added to the TransportConfig. To prevent cloud sync, or to specify your own URL later, pass false.

Authentication requests are handled by Ditto's cloud by default, configured in the portal at https://portal.ditto.live.

To use a different or on-premises authentication service, pass a custom HTTPS base URL as the customAuthUrl parameter.


  • IdentityOnlineWithAuthentication




appID: string

An ID identifying this app registration on the Ditto portal, which can be found at https://portal.ditto.live.


A handler for when Ditto requires (re)authentication.

Optional customAuthURL

customAuthURL?: string

If specified, use a custom authentication service instead of Ditto Cloud.

Optional enableDittoCloudSync

enableDittoCloudSync?: boolean

If true, auto-configure sync with Ditto Cloud. Default is true.


type: "onlineWithAuthentication"