enum DITIdentityType : NSUInteger {}

The identity types you can use with DittoObjC.

The various identity configurations that you can use when initializing a DITDitto instance.

  • OfflinePlayground: Develop peer-to-peer apps with no cloud connection. This mode offers no security and must only be used for development.
  • OnlineWithAuthentication: Run Ditto in secure production mode, logging on to Ditto Cloud or on on-premises authentication server. User permissions are centrally managed.
  • OnlinePlayground: Test a Ditto Cloud app with weak shared token authentication (“Playground mode”). This mode is not secure and must only be used for development.
  • SharedKey: A mode where any device is trusted provided they know the secret key. This is a simplistic authentication model normally only suitable for private apps where users and devices are both trusted.
  • Manual: A manually-provided certificate identity. This accepts a base64-encoded bundle.