public enum StoreErrorReason

The possible underlying reasons a .storeError error occurs.

  • backendError: An error occurred with the storage backend (LMDB).
  • documentContentEncodingFailed: The provided document content failed to be encoded.
  • failedToDecodeDocumentID: The document’s ID could not be decoded.
  • nonStringKeyInDocument: The document, represented as a CBOR map, had a key that was not a string.
  • invalidDocumentStructure: The document’s internal representation was invalid.
  • failedToDecodeDocumentData: The document’s data could not be decoded.
  • failedToGetDocumentData: The document’s data at the specified path could not be obtained.
  • failedToDecodeDocument: The document could not be decoded.
  • documentNotFound: The document could not be found.
  • attachmentDataRetrievalError: The attachment data failed to be retrieved.
  • attachmentFileCopyError: The attachment file failed to be copied.